Some Sushi Please....

Writing a new post after a long time can make you lazy....

Friday afternoon was the "Just Hungry" Day....We had met up with few friends for brunch and where I tried out Japanese food for the second time. I have tried Japanese food before once and what I meant by Japanese food was just SUSHI & Edamame  but this time it was time to explore some more and I simply loved it and Surprised myself ....How can a "ALMOST VEGETARIAN" person like me eat raw fish ? 

Here is how my brunch looked like before I hogged on it

 That's the platter which is a fusion of Japanese and Arabic Cuisine

 If you can see a green mixture next to the pink skinny thing its called the wasabi  it is the Japanese horseradish. Wasabi has to be mixed with the soy sauce which you can see on the plate. 

The pink skinny stuff is actually no flesh its Ginger commonly called as "Gari" it's a pickle marinated in Sugar and Vinegar. This one is too gingery but you will simply love it when you dip it in soy sauce.

Makizushi's are the cylindrical Sushis which are cut in to round pieces as you can see the one in this plate which is pink and round, it has crab meat filling and tasted yum

Sashimi refers to raw meat commonly of a fish The Pink one on the plate is Tuna sashimi and the orange one is salamon sashimi that was good too

Nigirizushi consists of  mound of sushi rice that the chef presses into a small rectangular box between the palms of the hands, usually with a bit of wasabi and a topping draped over it this one was my favorite and I helped myself with one more serving of the same

I simply love Arabic food too especially the ones you see on the plate , the vine leaves, hummus and felafel and yea being in Dubai how can I ignore the region's specialty ?

Sometimes experimenting with new food can also be interesting not sure what's going to surprise me next

 Drop in your comments and tell me what was the food you tried out lately and how did you like it ?


  1. Not a big fan of sea food... but must say ur plate got me drooling... n I also admire the spirit of trying new things which was so not you when it was COOKING...

  2. @kp i did not cook so i did not mind trying it out, if I had cooked it myself I would have surely not tried it

  3. that was a yummy write-up! will try out Japanesse and get back to you. :)