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Monday, August 29, 2011



Finally I got myself inked, Here is the pic

HOPE Makes things possible
Fear ends where FAITH begins
LOVE conquers All
I had actually decided to get a tattoo done after our visit to Thailand and had made up my mind next time we go there  I'm sure of getting myself inked. I had even decided of what words will go on my shoulder. Then last week one of our friend had a couple as a paying guest and both of them were tattoo artists, so I did not want to miss the chance and then here it is.
It was surely a life time experience and it did not pain much but it surely did a little, it was a mixture pain experience of injections, ant bites and sun burn. The tattoo is supposed to show the proper colours only after 2 weeks :)
Not sure how my folks back home would react to it :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011



Throughout the journey of life, we meet people some leave, some don’t matter and there are these certain people who stay and call you by different names, kick you, make you cry with laughter, these are the kind of people whom you love to hangout with all the time, with whom you shared your darkest secrets, they are your partner in crime, a person who’s been with you through thick and thin or fat and thin someone whom you can depend completely on,  with whom an emotional contract has  been signed to stay with each other throughout their life….we call them FRIENDS


I thought I will dedicate this post to all my friends right now in Mumbai, whom I might talk to everyday on Skype, chat or phone but voices, photos or video conferencing can never make up for personally being there


I met these two good friends of mine during my undergraduate course. We had been in the same class for almost 2 years and only in the third year we became FRIENDS, I  cant remember at what point we became such good friends and bonded so well with each other. writing (read copying) Journals, calling professors by names-names only we three knew of and made sure no one else did,  writing four rhymed lines (Read shayari like gaali) which almost fell in the hands of the concerned professor and then “hawa tight hogaya” situation. Bunking classes and going for movies to a very small “low class” theatre and getting caught by a professor on the way back but still managing our way out, the biggest campus ever and loafing and roaming around after classes. We had literally stolen projects from the cupboards where the x students files were kept which was the best kept secret till now and no one has ever known about it, We had a professor who had a bilateral vision so we used to bunk classes and go out of the glass just in front of her  and she never knew it but then felt bad later and gave her cards and gifts when we were leaving the college…. Never knew when the golden days of our life ended suddenly



Sorry Urvi had to pick this pic where your eyes are closed…..and in the other pics we don’t look that good

Miss you Neha & urvi…….A very Happy Friendship day to both of you


Other than college the next place I met some really good friends was at my computer classes, I met friends who were all younger to me by age but we love to hangout with each other the biggest group of friends was here. We had signed a pact that we will celebrate the 1st of January together….We celebrated almost 4 new years together, we used to catch the early morning train to celebrate our new years and decently go to a temple or church, hangout at bandstand or juhu beach then later people moved in their lives like getting married, jobs etc.  and the group got a bit smaller but we are still the best of friends. Some have adventures of life daily, which no one has ever heard  but it  can happen to them, some don’t want to go for a movie just because it telecasts “real thatti”, a guy who has the guts to wear a pink shirt but still not a gay, a guy who is quite young , getting married but is a big stock broker, one who won’t mind to go an extra mile to get the love of her life even if he is not of her caste/religion, one who manages to teach little children in a kindergarten just because she loves kids and so on and on and on……..I might never stop, they have been through my thick and thin. We might not meet on Jan 1st every year now but  exchange greeting…They have been my friends forever.


262220_10150307206074739_688774738_9186190_7559037_n                                                                          Sorry Mayur…this our our best pic and you missed it

Miss you Archana, Prisci, Sandy, Anushree, Mayur, Sonali…….A very Happy Friendship day to all of you

A woman makes best friends when in her twenties, I met this group of ours whom we fondly called the “FUNDU 6” during my post graduation. Dealing with the typical professor who keeps forgetting that she has a class made us the best of friends. We had done the craziest things together like bachelorette party drinking and then puking, making a video out of it and then later making fun of the victim. I would be the tallest amongst these dwarfs. They were really small but not so small that problems won’t see them. Problems found them through the teachers or through their mentors or through their culture shock they got when the entered this college which was of totally a different league. Some love to do the “kathakali” type gestures with their hands when they are talking (even on the phone), they like to crib over little things, they like to edit all the word documents in the world which has grammatical or spelling mistakes and that’s the best way to get things done yea mail all your projects in word document to them and thanks to their OCD it will be sent back to your inbox with no red underlines but also with a few gaalis…When we all meet up we ending up talking about the world or Gods and then come to out own conclusion that they both belong to us. We have in fact been to the Siddhi Vinayaka although not all of us were Hindus we had been to Mt. Mary church although not all of us were Christians, we had been to Haji Ali even though none of us were Muslims  but all us found one thing in common and that was Peace. We try to catch up with each other by having all the 6 together on a conference call once in a while, but those were the days when we all were together and then we just ran out of time




Devika you ran away and missed this beautiful pic

Miss you chui, suru, limi, shalu and Devika….A Very Happy Friendship Day to all of you



Dear Friends of mine

Neither age nor place

Not even time can draw a line

Friends we were

and Friends we will always be.

for ever and







Monday, August 1, 2011

Poetry Attempt

Untitled 2


A very funny short and weird looking man,

out of nowhere appeared and tightly held my hand.

He scratched me twice and hugged me once.

I was surprised, shocked and stunned.

and “who are you ?” came out my question.

with that his face gave out the naughtiest expression.

He started to laugh out loud ….loudly as he can,

and then appeared his two little wings when he started to sing.

“I knew you forgot me and you failed to understand

that I’m the LIFE you are just forgetting to LIVE

To you I might be a little mean

but little more if you could lean

You will see a funny, sweet man as short as a bean

I will fly with you. Yes with you I shall leave

as my time here is synonym to my height and size

 But before that promise me you will learn how to live

Live me more, Live me king-size

But yes don’t forget to Wear your heart upon your sleeve “

was trying to write a poem 
after 3 years or so, never tried it for a long time but here it is...As you can clearly see I'm not a great poet or writer, the one above is a mere juggling with rhymes and gambling with words. 


My reason for trying out a poem after 3 years is when a fellow blogger invited me to do a guest post on his blog and all his guest post were poetry's so I thought why not give a try this one can be no match to the real veteran poets over there, but again in the end its mine

Here is the link to the blog where I did the guest blogging --> Jidhu Jose's Blog
 Do leave your
comments/suggestions would love to read them