Poetry Attempt


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A very funny short and weird looking man,

out of nowhere appeared and tightly held my hand.

He scratched me twice and hugged me once.

I was surprised, shocked and stunned.

and “who are you ?” came out my question.

with that his face gave out the naughtiest expression.

He started to laugh out loud ….loudly as he can,

and then appeared his two little wings when he started to sing.

“I knew you forgot me and you failed to understand

that I’m the LIFE you are just forgetting to LIVE

To you I might be a little mean

but little more if you could lean

You will see a funny, sweet man as short as a bean

I will fly with you. Yes with you I shall leave

as my time here is synonym to my height and size

 But before that promise me you will learn how to live

Live me more, Live me king-size

But yes don’t forget to Wear your heart upon your sleeve “

was trying to write a poem 
after 3 years or so, never tried it for a long time but here it is...As you can clearly see I'm not a great poet or writer, the one above is a mere juggling with rhymes and gambling with words. 


My reason for trying out a poem after 3 years is when a fellow blogger invited me to do a guest post on his blog and all his guest post were poetry's so I thought why not give a try this one can be no match to the real veteran poets over there, but again in the end its mine

Here is the link to the blog where I did the guest blogging --> Jidhu Jose's Blog
 Do leave your
comments/suggestions would love to read them


  1. wow! You are truly talented. Continue writing. liked it ekdum cool, good ending easy poem to read and understand..

  2. thanks archana , aapne yeh kasht uttaya....for reading my poetry !!

  3. That is so cool... Very nice bhavna :)

  4. Good things attract you and I'm reading it 3rd time in a day. Great work Bhavna. Again, we love you!

  5. thanks saru :)

    Thanks Sujatha :) sometimes my rhyming works too

    Thanks to you too Jidhu

    Sunil, thanks for the generous compliment

  6. wow..that's amazing...live life king size :)

  7. It is not an attempt...but truly very well written.

  8. Every one want to fly ... , me also... ^_^ . Thanks Bhavna, 4r your sweet rhymes.

  9. Great poem! I used to love poetry.

    If that's your attempt, can't wait to see what your real stuff is! =)

  10. lovely bhavna...though it has been 3 years nw...u were a gr8 poet..u r a gr8 poet n u will be a gr8 poet...creative ppl dnt 4get or loose der creativity..its jst dat dey take a break from what dey hv been doing...jst like u.....
    Welcome Back dear.....

  11. you may wanna try www.picplz.com I use that for twisting the boring phone camera photos...and ofcourse Picasa. Am yet to buy photoshop...so will try in few days..

    here's what you asked for :) from http://24x7clicks.blogspot.com

  12. What an amazing piece of work! look foward to reading more.
    I'm also now following you via Google Friends thing :)

  13. Very impressed by the metaphor and the way you put across the message.


    Imho, Attempt would be an understatement.

    keep it goin;)