Travel Memories

Travel Memories

My Hubby is a globe trekker but I started traveling after our marriage and everywhere we went we had collected few souvenirs  in form of tickets. Pamphlets, badges etc. I have tried my best to keep it all in one place and succeeded to some extent . 

The purpose of collecting all these souvenirs was to put it all in a scrapbook A.K.A The book of Memories, but I never really got the time to do it.

But Now I have seriously thought of preparing our little Book of Memories. 

The first step was to get a Scrap book , where I can stick the photographs and the souvenirs of all shapes and sizes. So this is what I got for myself

Next I got all the souvenirs from the hiding place and just spread it out on the table and then sort it out as per the order of travel which I haven’t done it yet as you can see below.

We as a couple have been to Thailand for our Honeymoon, UK (England & Scotland), Egypt, Maldives and Switzerland. (We are originally from Indian Nationals residing in Dubai)

I have lost a lot of stuff which I had collected from  Thailand, Souvenirs from UK and Switzerland I happen to have a lot of it. There were no souvenirs’ from Maldives except for a shell a big one.

I am still thinking of how to make the scrapbook, I mean how can I put it all together so that when we see it after few years it brings back all our memories.  I will be putting in few pics from the trip with some comments in the thought bubble and make it colorful with some pens. If you can suggest any ideas for the same it will be really helpful.


  1. I loved your book... and also ur hat :D It is indeed a great idea of putting the sovenier's all in one place and hv a book of memories and m sure u will wrk on it soon :D

  2. It's wonderful that you're getting to travel and explore and taking the time and trouble to preserve these memories too.....