Too many..Too many thoughts


“you are not writing a book, you are writing a blog, it should be spontaneous”   

...shouted at me Kay

That’s quite true, I should not be thinking so much before writing a blog. Happy’s blog might not be really beautiful or organized, but you can see the heart pouring out completely.

Whereas Dee's blog is the most sophisticated one, with commas and abbreviations at the right places. Any one would it belongs to an English Grammar Teacher, although it does not

Su's , still does not have a blog!!!!!!!

Strictly Obeying Kay's orders I try to write something from today in my blog

I’m getting a new Manager, I had been managing my department solely and independently for the past 4 month, with the new manager it  means more work but better way of working…I’m not really sure how I feel about it though

I came to know that Blackberries soon to be banned in UAE….Thankgod I don’t own one….another reason to be a  Nokia Fan 

A thing worrying me for quite some time is …..I’m gaining weight and today I think I’m over weight. Life is not just buying Nike Shoes, it also mean working out….I need to work out.

I have regained something I had lost earlier……Taking mobile photos. I thought I had lost the interest but its blooming again and it fun. But this time it would be more of inanimate object since I don’t have Kay, Su or Dee posing lavishly for me

That’s it for today……I should start reminding myself to develop a habit its not perfectionism that important in the first stage but its consistency. So hoping to write something tomorrow too…..

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  1. it was good...... but as u said it shuld be consistent.. n i must say dat creativity cn be portyaed anywhere.. u made ur blog very lively n attarctive. love u bhavy...