boozed Driving


Few days back, there was an incident in our office, where one of our employees were caught Drunk and driving and he was in jail for quite a few days, and also he being a muslim and this being the holy month of ramadan it would have surely been difficult. .....I  have no clue why people are ready to take such risks when you have options of taking the public transport or requesting a non-drunken friend to drive

Drinking and Driving is surely a combination of Danger; I have found out few facts regarding the drinking and driving punishments in some parts of the world; here they are

  1. In France, drinking and driving is punishable by a 1,000 dollar fine, imprisonment for one year, and loss of license for three years.
  2. Finland and Sweden, along France's lines, also automatically sentence drunk drivers to one year jail sentences including hard labor.
  3. In Norway, a drunk driver is jailed for three weeks with hard labor and loses their license for a year. If they do it again, they lose their license forever.
  4. In South Africa, drinking and driving results in a ten year prison sentence or a 10,000 fine and, in some cases, both.
  5. In Canada, the first drinking and driving offense warrants loss of license for one year and a 600 dollars fine. The second offense warrants two weeks in jail and loss of license for two years. The third offense warrants three months in jail and loss of license for three years. After the fourth, they might just send you to America.
  6. In England, a drunk driver pays a 250 dollar fine, spends a year in jail, and then loses their license for one year.
  7.  In Russia, drunk drivers simply lose their license for life. Yes, even Russia has laws against drinking and driving.
  8. Some countries are more creative in their attempts to keep the inebriated off the road. Turkey, for example, punishes drunk drivers by taking them 20 miles from their town and making them walk back with a police escort.
  9. In Poland, drunk drivers are subject to jail, fine, and, even worse, mandatory attendance at political lectures.
  10. In Malaya, if a man is caught driving drunk he is jailed. If he is married, his wife is jailed too.
  11.  In Costa Rica, the license plates are removed immediately from the cars of those who drink and drive.

 I believe in this part of the world, if you are caught drunk and driving you are awarded with few lashes and sometimes the punishment surely depends on who you are, where you are from, whom do you know etc etc
Not drinking at all is might not be a great option for atleast 70% of the world population; but we can surely can avoid drinking and driving to avoid losing money, our freedom, your life-others life; breaking any rules - We can take a cab or metro or can surely ask a friend to drop you back home....


  1. I totally agree and i am amazed with your research. good going.. inspiring everybody to read and write both.

  2. chal filhal ek tu hi hain, joh kaafi hain.....happy to see u here always u r my inspiration