Holiday Time..........

Holiday Time …..

We had been thinking of going somewhere for this Holidays. Out of all the destination, we chose Maldives.

This is surely one place couples have already been there or would love to go we too aim for some fun and relaxation too

The expense of the trip is not as much as the shopping myself and Anup has done this week. When it comes to shopping our favorites are clothes and footwear shopping. We surly have footwear for each day of the year (sometimes we feel we can give them out on lease basis, that would surely be a good income for us)

I have tried my best to get some girly stuffs and accessories contradictory to my daily tomboyish attire. Tried to get those linen white trouser and even black too, nobody can get wrong with those two colours for sure, and also N number of tops in different shapes and cuts for just the 4 days visit. Shopping for the trip is more expensive for sure, but also more fun for a girl….the ultimate pleasure

I’m just enjoying and excited and waiting period is also fun…..We just cant wait to get in there……..Maldives here we come!!

Once I’m back I’m sure to have a lot to blog about with PICTURES!!!


  1. That picture is amazing !!
    Hope you have a great holiday :)

  2. Sounds relaxing, I'll be sure to come back and look at your pictures.

    Tina D

    hi Friend ur blog Supper
    follow me and I will follow you for sure

  4. Hey Bhavna this is one long vacation !!!
    When will you be back ??

  5. hey paul i m back, hope to write some soon